Telonics Product Programmer

Telonics Product Programmer (TPP) is a powerful software tool used to program Telonics transmitters, and Telonics CR-5 and CR-7 collar release mechanisms. Several different versions of TPP are available, as noted below in the "Purchasing TPP" section.

Specific programming options and features depend on the TPP version and specific product being programmed; but in general TPP allows you to:

  • Investigate various GPS collection schedules; Iridium/Globalstar/Argos transmission schedules; and VHF schedules and pulse rates that might be applicable to your project
  • Estimate battery life and Iridium or Globalstar data collection costs under various scenarios
  • View programmable settings contained in your transmitter or CR-5 or CR-7 release
  • Predict Argos satellite overpasses in order to define optimal transmission windows
  • Save, print, and compare possible programming options
  • Recognize and correct potential problems as noted in warning and error messages
  • Switch between pre-programmed Auxiliary schedules in GPS/Iridium units with such schedules available (TGW-4*77-4 models)
  • Remotely trigger release of CR-5 or CR-7 collar releases when paired with GPS/Iridium units which support such triggered release (TGW-4*77-4 models)

Licensed and authorized users can also:

  • Program your own transmitters; including making changes right up until deployment
  • Fully reprogram GPS/Iridium units over-the-air through Iridium
  • Program release dates into CR-5 and CR-7 collar release mechanisms

User definable settings vary among products, but for most GPS-based systems they include:

  • Timing of attempted GPS positions, either at specified intervals or under more complex seasonal schedules
  • Activity, Mortality, and Temperature sensing options
  • Iridium, Globalstar, or Argos options
  • VHF transmitter frequency, pulse rates, and schedule


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Initial portion of TPP programming record for a GPS/Iridium unit

Portion of TPP programming record for a GPS/Iridium unit showing use of QFP and a seasonal data collection schedule

Example of portions of a programming record for an Argos unit


Telonics Product Programmer (TPP) requires an authorization code for complete functionality. Without an authorization code, you are unable to program transmitters or collar release mechanisms. You may install and evaluate TPP before purchasing a license and corresponding authorization code. This will allow you to test various programming scenarios. It will also allow switching among pre-programmed auxiliary schedules as may be programmed into some GPS/Iridium units.

Download v4.04.1888, 2024.06.11 (TPP-Setup-4.04.1888.exe 19,046,632 bytes)

Driver Installation Instructions

Purchasing TPP

When you purchase Telonics Product Programmer, you receive an authorization code that enables TPP support for specific Telonics product models. Listed below are the authorization codes currently available for sale. TPP will not program models that you are not authorized or licensed to use. If you require TPP support for additional Telonics product models, you must purchase an additional authorization code or upgrade to the authorization code that supports all models. However, you won't need to download or install additional software. Please contact Telonics for pricing.

TPP will assume complete functionality when you enter your authorization code in the Help->About window.

A Telonics license permits you to run TPP on only one computer at any given time. Concurrent use of the program on more than one computer is not permitted unless you purchase multiple licenses.

Authorization CodeSupported Models
TPP-GPSAll Gen4 GPS models:
Store-On-Board, GPS/Argos, Spread Spectrum (SST), Globalstar, and Iridium
TPP-ARGOSArgos transmitters (without GPS)
TPP-RECONGlobalstar RECON GPS units only
TPP-VHFMK-11 & MK-12 beacons
TPP-CRCR-5 and CR-7 programmable collar release
TPP-ALLAll models

System Requirements

Configuring Argos Services

If you plan on using Telonics Data Converter (TDC) to convert your data, you must use specific Argos processing options. Before your deployment begins, please contact Argos and request the following settings for your Argos Technical File:

  • 32 8-bit sensors for Argos IDs less than 32768; 31 8-bit sensors for all other Argos IDs (including new IDs)
  • Message length is variable, so length should not be checked
  • Decimal/A1 (recommended) or Hexadecimal/A2 formatting

Telonics recommends that you use ArgosDirect (formerly known as Argos Automated Distribution Service or ADS) to receive your data. When you contact Argos, please request ArgosDirect service with the following settings:

  • Select the "DS" data format, which includes all validated locations and all messages collected by all satellites
  • Select the "Attached text file (.txt)" output format
  • You may optionally choose to have your data "compressed"
  • Do not request data encryption
  • Select email as your delivery option and specify an email address

Version History

2024.06.11 What's new in version 4.04.1888?

  1. Adds warnings for unauthorized federal VHF frequencies.
  2. Accounts for new name for one of the Argos satellites.

2024.05.17 What's new in version 4.03.1885?

  1. Adds RDW-675 model.
  2. Installs firmware update for solar Globalstar eartags.
  3. Fixes the unit section "Read In" feature to include the CR-5B or CR-7B CTN.

2024.04.09 What's new in version 4.02.1875?

  1. Adds new TAV-29##, TAM-29##, and ETA-2920 models.
  2. Supports new firmware for Argos and Iridium models.

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