Telemetry Equipment for Education (TEK-2)

This kit includes items required to demonstrate and teach fundamentals of conventional VHF wildlife telemetry to students. It includes an RB-10 transmitter with a user-replaceable battery, TR-8 Receiver, and a RA-23K Directional Antenna.

TEK-2 Educational Telemetry Kit

Includes the following:

RB-10 Beacon Transmitter
RB-10 Beacon Transmitter
Dimensions L x W x H: 2.66" x 1.25" x 1.46" (6.75 x 3.2 x 3.7 cm)
Weight: 129 grams
Operational Life: 2 months with standard power and 60 pulses per minute
Power source: 9-volt alkaline transistor battery, which is replaceable by the user

The default programming on this unit is for 60 beats per minute (bpm); however, the user can define a different pulse rate at the time of order.

The MS6A Mortality-Motion sensor option can be included with the RB-10 at no additional charge. This option provides "active or alive" or "inactive or dead" pulse rates depending on whether the unit has moved in a defined period of time. The active pulse rate is maintained as long as there are at least 5 active seconds in the defined "timeout" period. If the timeout period is exceeded without at least 5 active seconds, the unit switches to the inactive pulse rate. The unit switches immediately back to the active rate if it moves again (as soon as 5 active seconds are accumulated within the timeout). When ordering with this option please specify the active pulse rate of the transmitters (i.e. 60 pulses per minute), inactive pulse rate of the transmitters (i.e. 120 pulses per minute), and the "timeout" (i.e. 2 minutes). A short delay time is often best when used for educational purposes so the change in pulse can be detected within a short period of time (although periods of 4-10 hours or more are typically used for on collars for deployment on animals).

The RB-10 can also be provided with a High Power option, which can provide increased range, but with shorter battery life.

TR-8 Receiver The TR-8 is a hand-held scanning receiver for use with conventional VHF tracking beacons. The receiver employs a synthesized, direct-conversion architecture, covering the entire band from 138MHz to 235MHz. The numeric keypad allows direct frequency entry, and the TR-8 can store over 2000 frequencies, each with its own custom label, organized in up to 25 separate lists. You can easily scan any list or combination of lists, and you can maintain the lists directly on the TR-8 or by using the TR-8 Editor software on a PC. Includes the charging/programming cord, wall charger, carrying case, earbuds, and wrist strap.

RA-23K Antenna Kit Directional, hand-held "H antenna", with flexible elements, 4 dBd gain with 12 dB front to back ratio, BNC connection. Supplied with RW-2 coaxial cable and PK 003080-001 nylon carrying pouch. This antenna is used to determine the direction of the signal and ultimately where the transmitter is located. A transmitter's general direction can be determined by rotating the antenna until the strongest audio signal is received.

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