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1998-V11-N1 (Does NOT Require Adobe Acrobat Reader)

  1. The Shift to Electronic Publishing
    Telonics is committed to providing excellent customer service. With the growth of electronic communication, we will be switching to all-electronic publishing in the near future. Readers are encouraged to visit the website regularly for technical notes and product information.
    Key Words: customer service
  2. It Doesn't Count if It's Not Line-of-Sight
    This special issue deals with how to establish a line-of-sight (LOS) bearing in direction-finding when using conventional VHF telemetry. It discusses signal bounce, polarization and multipathing issues related to handheld ground tracking, aircraft tracking and fixed-site tracking.


  1. Special Issue
    This six-page special issue is devoted to the topic of tracking wildlife from fixed-wing aircraft. It covers mounting brackets, aircraft audio distribution systems, recommended aircraft search patterns, and how to select antennas and receiving subsystems for ultralight tracking.
    Key Words: aircraft, wildlife
  2. Antenna Mounting Brackets
    The Telonics RA-2A antenna and the TAB series of antenna brackets have been successfully used many times in tracking wildlife from fixed-wing aircraft. This article discusses how to select the proper brackets for common aircraft and how to install the brackets, antenna and TAC-2 or TAC-7 antenna switch box.
    Key Words: aircraft, wildlife, RA-2A antenna, TAB antenna brackets, antenna switch box
  3. Antenna Tracking
    General aircraft search patterns are discussed, using the Telonics TR-2/TS-1 scanning receiver, TAC-2 RLB antenna control unit and a pair of RA-2A antennas. The article includes notes on the expected range for signal acquisition and the theoretical relationship between range and aircraft altitude.
    Key Words: aircraft, RA-2A antenna
  4. Aircraft Audio Distribution Systems
    Using aircraft to track wildlife instrumented with conventional VHF telemetry units has become standard practice. The audio systems used in aircraft tracking vary tremendously in quality. This article discusses what is necessary for a basic audio distribution system.
    Key Words: aircraft, conventional VHF telemetry, audio distribution
  5. Ultralight tracking
    This article discusses how to select and install antennas and receiving subsystems using TAB-7 brackets on ultralight aircraft.
    Key Words: aircraft, antennas, TAB antenna brackets

Note: 1996-V9-N1 is a special 12-page issue of the Telonics Quarterly devoted to Global Positioning System (GPS) technology.

  1. GPS Applications for Wildlife--A Review
    GPS tracking technology for wildlife applications has evolved dramatically over the years. Options include GPS store-on-board collars, GPS-FM subsystems, and GPS-ARGOS subsystems.
    Key Words: wildlife, GPS, GPS-FM, GPS-ARGOS, GPS store-on-board collars
  2. GPS-A System View
    This sidebar offers background information on the three components that make up GPS--the constellation of 24 satellites, five tracking stations located around the world, and the GPS receivers used by field scientists.
    Key Words: GPS, receivers
  3. GPS-ARGOS: Wildlife Applications in the Field
    GPS transmitters that utilize ARGOS as a relay system are revolutionizing the field of wildlife telemetry. Telonics GPS-ARGOS transmitter collars have been deployed on bear and elk.
    Key Words: GPS, GPS-ARGOS, transmitters, collars, wildlife
  4. GPS-ARGOS System Specifications
    This sidebar details the core unit electrical specifications for the ARGOS ST-14 transmitter, as well as a description of the GPS receiver engine module.
    Key Words: ARGOS, GPS, GPS-ARGOS, transmitters, ST-14, receivers
  5. Telonics GPS Format T02 for ARGOS PTTs
    The T02 format, which supports a transmission of up to 32 bytes of sensor and/or GPS position data, is fast becoming the standard whenever GPS is being relayed via an ARGOS PTT.
    Key Words: GPS, GPS-ARGOS, positioning, GPS T02
  6. Operational Life
    This sidebar offers a simple formula for calculating the operational life of a GPS-ARGOS subsystem.
    Key Words: GPS, GPS-ARGOS, operational life
  7. Oceanography and Commercial Applications
    Telonics GPS-ARGOS units are being used to track meteorological balloons and oceanographic buoys, as well as in commercial applications for trucking, rail and container transport industries.
    Key Words: GPS, GPS-ARGOS, meteorological, oceanographic, commercial
  8. GPS--the FM System
    A new GPS-FM system should be ready by the end of 1996--the system will allow researchers to recover data directly from the animal across a direct FM radio data link on command.
    Key Words: GPS, GPS-FM, positioning, wildlife
  9. GPS Collars with Store-On-Board Capabilities
    It is possible to store GPS positions on-board a Telonics-developed data acquisition unit placed on the animal for later recovery. The principal advantage of GPS store-on-board collars is a smaller final package, allowing for instrumentation of medium-sized animals.
    Key Words: GPS, positioning, GPS store-on-board, collars, wildlife
  10. GPS--Perspective on the Future
    Developing GPS technology for wildlife applications involves a number of issues--including size, power consumption and reliability.
    Key Words: GPS, wildlife
  11. TSUR-B--the Role in GPS Data Recovery
    The Telonics Satellite Uplink Receiver, Version B (TSUR-B) is a small, portable receiver designed to recover ARGOS data, including data from a GPS-ARGOS unit.
    Key Words: TSUR-B, receivers, GPS, ARGOS, GPS-ARGOS


  1. The Latest Word in Ursine Accessories
    The Telonics prototype eartag transmitter was developed for male polar bears. It weighs approximately 38 grams and will operate for three to six months depending on pulse rate selected.
    Key Words: conventional VHF telemetry, transmitters, eartag, wildlife
  2. RB-10 User-Replaceable Battery Transmitter
    The new Telonics RB-10 transmitter houses a VHF conventional transmitter powered by one 9 volt transistor battery that is user-replaceable.
    Key Words: conventional VHF telemetry, RB-10, transmitters, batteries, user-replaceable
  3. Bears! and a Visit to the Great Land
    Stan Tomkiewicz and Gary Jones join 400 other "bear people" at the 10th International Conference on Bear Research and Management in Fairbanks.
    Key Words: customer service, field support, conferences, workshops


  1. Interpretation of Satellite Overpass Predictions
    The Telonics Real Time Satellite Display (TSD) and Satellite Predictor (TSP) program calculate satellite overpasses and provide a color display for use on IBM compatible personal computers.
    Key Words: TSD, TSP, satellite overpass predictions, space systems
  2. Products--Space Systems Group
    Telonics produces a variety of earth stations designed for both polar orbiting and geostationary space systems. The products include receive-only earth stations, command and control systems, receive and image processing systems, and workstations.
    Key Words: earth stations, polar orbiting, geostationary, space systems
  3. Geostationary and Polar Orbiting Satellites
    This sidebar offers background information on geostationary and polar orbiting satellite systems.
    Key Words: geostationary, polar orbiting, space systems


  1. TAC-7 Electronic Antenna Switch Box
    The Telonics TAC-7 Electronic Antenna Switch Box will switch a receiver between two or more directional antennas mounted on aircraft. Technical specifications included.
    Key Words: conventional VHF telemetry, TAC-7, antennas, aircraft
  2. Eagle Intrusion Detection System (EIDS)
    The new PT-200 and PT-300 processor/transmitters are among the new products and system improvements available for the Eagle Telonics Intrusion Detection System (EIDS).
    Key Words: intrusion detection, special applications, PT-200, PT-300, processor/transmitters, EIDS
  3. Sterilization of Implantable Transmitters
    Sterilization methods for implantable transmitters include wet heat, dry heat, ethylene oxide gas, chemical soaks and radiation. Disinfection is typically accomplished by use of a chemical disinfectant. Table of compounds included.
    Key Words: conventional VHF telemetry, transmitters, implantable, sterilization, disinfection
  4. Holy Ozone, Batman!
    Telonics is committed to producing products of maximum reliability at minimum cost, using the most environmentally safe cleaning solvents available on the market.
    Key Words: customer service


  1. Microprocessors
    This article discusses the advantages of microprocessor technology in telemetry applications along with some of the problems created by this fast moving technology, particularly obsolescence.
    Key Words: field support, microprocessors, wildlife
  2. Zimbabwe
    Stan Tomkiewicz and Bill Burger participated in a recent telemetry workshop in Zimbabwe. The workshop was organized by the Zimbabwe Department of National Parks and Wildlife Management and International Wildlife Veterinary Services.
    Key Words: customer service, field support, conferences, workshops
  3. TGA-100 7 Element Linearly Polarized GOES Antenna
    The TGA-100 7 Element Linearly Polarized GOES Antenna is now available to operate with the TGT-1 and TGT-2 GOES Data Collection Platforms (DCPs). Technical specifications included.
    Key Words: TGA-100, GOES, antennas, TGT-1, TGT-2, DCPs


  1. ST-10 PTT Configurations and Options
    The technology and software supporting the ST-10 PTT are evolving rapidly. Both collar-mounted and backpack configurations (for birds and some marine applications) have been developed as well as a number of new options.
    Key Words: ST-10, ARGOS PTTs, wildlife, avian, marine
  2. uMK7 Mid-Power Transmitter
    Telonics adds the uMK7 Mid-Power Transmitter to the VHF transmitter product line. The new transmitter provides a balance between the small size and light weight of the low power CHP, and the range performance and sensing capabilities of the MK4/5/6 transmitters.
    Key Words: conventional VHF telemetry, transmitters, uMK7 Mid-Power
  3. Things Are Changing Again
    Telonics introduces new filing and telephone systems.
    Key Words: customer service
  4. Would You Care for a Date?
    Telonics converts to "" calendar system.
    Key Words: customer service
  5. Telonics in Space
    The Satellite Uplink Beacon, Version A (TSUB-A) is an emergency locator beacon developed by Telonics at the request of NASA. It is now carried by each shuttle astronaut.
    Key Words: ARGOS, TSUB-A, uplink beacon


  1. The New ST-13 ARGOS PTT
    The Telonics ST-13 is a low cost, high reliability ARGOS PTT developed for oceanographic and meteorological applications. It features an Asynchronous Serial Interface Option and a wide operating input voltage range that allows users to choose from a number of commercially available power packs. Technical specifications included.
    Key Words: ST-13, ARGOS, PTTs, oceanographic, meteorological
  2. Refurbishing Telonics Transmitters
    Telonics offers a high quality refurbishment program for all transmitting subsystems.
    Key Words: customer service, transmitters, refurbishment
  3. RA-14 Antenna
    The RA-14 is a two-element receiving antenna with flexible durable elements designed for handheld applications. Available in several frequency bands.
    Key Words: conventional VHF telemetry, RA-14, antennas


  1. So You Want Small PTTs
    The Telonics ST-6 PTT configuration can weigh as little as 145 grams. It offers researchers a reduced power PTT with expanded data capabilities. The ST-10 is even smaller and was developed for applications where size reduction is more important than sensor data.
    Key Words: ST-6, ST-10, ARGOS PTTs
  2. GPS Update
    Adding a GPS receiver to an ARGOS based project can produce a number of advantages.
    Key Words: GPS, ARGOS, GPS-ARGOS, receivers


  1. TIRIS
    The new Telonics Interactive Remote Imaging System (tiris) is a low cost, completely integrated earth station that allows users to schedule, acquire, process and image data from HRPT-like satellites in real time.
    Key Words: tiris, earth stations, space systems
  2. Microprocessor Controlled VHF Transmitter
    MPU technology has opened the door to the development of "smart" microprocessor controlled VHF transmitters. New capabilities include duty cycling, ID codes and transmission of activity indices.
    Key Words: conventional VHF telemetry, microprocessors, transmitters
  3. New GOES Data Collection Platforms (DCPs)
    The Telonics TGT-1 and TGT-2 Data Collection Platform (DCP) transmitters are smaller and technically superior to other units on the market. The TGT-1 is designed for the GOES domestic system and the TGT-2 supports the GOES international system.
    Key Words: TGT-1, TGT-2, GOES DCPs, transmitters
  4. Software Updates
    Software updates are available for the TSUR-B Uplink Receiver, TPI-1 Telonics Programming Interface and LUT Local User Terminal to support the new ARGOS ID code format.
    Key Words: TSUR-B, receivers, TPI-1, LUTs

Note: 1992-V5-N2 is a special 12-page issue of the Telonics Quarterly devoted to the kinds of tests you can realistically perform on telemetry systems prior to actual field deployment.

  1. Range-Testing
    Practical results can be obtained when range-testing VHF and UHF transmitters if you have a reference (control) transmitter, a consistent position and you do a lot of averaging.
    Key Words: conventional VHF telemetry, range testing, UHF, transmitters
  2. Receiver Testing
    Simple receiver tests that can help assure good performance from a conventional VHF receiver can be conducted in the field.
    Key Words: conventional VHF telemetry, testing, receivers
  3. What Does it Take for a Successful Flight?
    For location work using a fixed-wing aircraft, we recommend the RA-2A antenna and the TAB series of brackets. Proper dressing of the coax cables and the TAC-7 antenna switching units are other considerations that affect performance.
    Key Words: conventional VHF telemetry, RA-2A, antennas, TAB brackets, TAC-7
  4. ARGOS Class Zero Location Service
    Howard Sparks, staff engineer of the Service ARGOS U.S. Processing Center, provides information on the ARGOS Class Zero Location Service--a diagnostic tool that allows you to request additional information about a particular PTT.
    Key Words: ARGOS, PTTs, location service
  5. Testing Satellite Transmitters (ARGOS PTTs)
    In addition to extensive laboratory testing performed at Telonics on ARGOS PTTs, we encourage users to test prior to field deployment. Reasonable and practical satellite testing procedures are discussed in this article.
    Key Words: ARGOS, PTTs, testing
  6. Coaxial Cables
    The coax cable connecting the antenna to the receiver is a critical component in telemetry systems.
    Key Words: coaxial cables

Note: 1992-V5-N1 is a special 12-page issue of the Telonics Quarterly devoted to technological cross-fertilization between wildlife and special application technologies.

  1. Special Issue
    Many VHF and satellite telemetry tools developed for tracking and recovering data from wildlife are also proving valuable to other environmental and special uses.
    Key Words: intrusion detection, special applications
  2. SID-100 Seismic Intrusion Detector
    Designed for compatibility with most FM field receivers, the SID-100 is a self-contained seismic intrusion sensor/processor/transmitter. It was developed as an inexpensive means of detecting and reporting activity and intrusion in to restricted areas.
    Key Words: SID-100, intrusion detection, special applications, sensors, processor/transmitters
  3. Sensors
    Telonics provides three different types of intrusion detection sensors: the SP-500 Seismic Sensor, the MG-510 Magnetic Point Sensor and the IF-520 Passive Infrared Sensor.
    Key Words: intrusion detection, special applications, sensors, SP-500, MG-510, IF-520
  4. Eagle Intrusion Detection System
    The Eagle Intrusion Detection System (EIDS) is a highly flexible sensor system that includes seismic (SP-500), magnetic (MG-510) and infrared (IF-520/IF-540) sensors to detect activity; the PT-100 processor/ transmitter to filter and process sensor output and to transmit messages; the RP-301 repeater to extend system range; and the RM-201 receiver to decode and display the message for the user.
    Key Words: EIDS, intrusion detection, special applications, sensors, SP-500, MG-510, IF-520, IF-540, processor/transmitters, PT-100, repeaters, RP-301, receivers, RM-201
  5. What Did They Say?
    The TS-200 and 300 series of miniature narrow band FM audio transmitters include many features normally found in very expensive, high performance commercial systems.
    Key Words: special applications, TS-200, TS-300, FM, transmitters
  6. Telemetry and Wildlife Law Enforcement
    Dave Bancroft, conservation officer for the Utah Division of Wildlife Resources, explains how the Telonics TR-2 Receiver and MOD-400 vehicular transmitter are being used to protect wildlife resources.
    Key Words: special applications, TR-2 receivers, MOD-400, transmitters
  7. Commercial Satellite Tracking
    Commercial satellite tracking is a growing industry and some limited applications can be undertaken today using ARGOS.
    Key Words: special applications, ARGOS, commercial
  8. Monitoring the Locations of Fishing Vessels Using Satellites
    Steven Springer, special agent in charge of enforcement operations for NOAA, provides the background and methodology for using ARGOS Data Collection and Location Systems (DCLS) for vessel tracking and fleet management programs to assure compliance with international agreements.
    Key Words: special applications, ARGOS, commercial
  9. A Commitment to Law Enforcement
    Telonics is committed to helping law enforcement agencies take advantage of emerging aerospace and communications technologies.
    Key Words: special applications


  1. SMOP (Small Matter of Programming)
    Over the last few years, Telonics software designers have developed an extensive library of firmware to control transmitters and many of your special requirements can be met by modifying existing code.
    Key Words: software, customer service
  2. Collars and Attachments
    Collars and attachments are as important to the performance of a VHF transmitter as the electronics, batteries and packaging. Telonics specialty products include a wide array of attachment options, including but not limited to large animal collars, primate collars, marine mammal attachments, the IB-400 avian harness and color coding.
    Key Words: conventional VHF telemetry, transmitters, collars, attachments, IB-400, color coding, wildlife, marine, avian
  3. TR-4 Receiver
    The Telonics TR-4 Receiver is designed for ground tracking studies involving deployment of 100 or fewer transmitters. Specific frequencies covered by the unit can by reprogrammed by users with the TPI Programming Interface and a personal computer.
    Key Words: conventional VHF telemetry, TR-4, receivers, TPI-1 Programming Interface
  4. Garble In, Garble Out
    This article discusses aircraft audio distribution systems and aircraft headsets. Basic operation considerations are reviewed.
    Key Words: aircraft, audio distribution


  1. The Global Positioning System
    The Global Positioning System (GPS) promises a level of position accuracy never before possible using a satellite-based system. While GPS receivers are not yet small enough in size or low enough in power requirements to be incorporated into wildlife subsystems, the technology is coming on line soon.
    Key Words: GPS, GPS-ARGOS, positioning, wildlife
  2. Here Comes Old Man...Person...Winter Again
    This article discusses preventive maintenance procedures on receivers.
    Key Words: preventive maintenance, receivers, TR-4, TR-2.
  3. Battery Basics
    There's nothing simple about selecting the right battery for a wildlife transmitter. Some basics include delivery of "pulse current," performance over temperature extremes, and battery safety.
    Key Words: batteries, transmitters, wildlife


  1. ARGOS Data Collection and Location System
    Archie Shaw, executive vice president of Service ARGOS, describes the ARGOS Data Collection and Location System and its capabilities.
    Key Words: ARGOS, wildlife
  2. You Can't Tell the Satellites Without a Program
    With the advent of ARGOS, Telonics began developing transmitters and satellite predictor software that would make satellite overpass tracking possible for the wildlife community. One result is a new industry standard--the Telonics TSD/TSP Satellite Display and Prediction Program for PC-based applications.
    Key Words: ARGOS, TSD, TSP, transmitters, satellite predictor software
  3. Receiving Antenna "Accuracy"
    Telonics offers a number of directional antennas, including the RA-2A 2-element "H" antennas and "yagi" antennas with various numbers of elements. Each type exhibits a characteristic pattern and performance suitable for specific applications.
    Key Words: conventional VHF telemetry, antennas, RA-2A, "yagi"
  4. Helicopter Update
    The RA-2A antenna bracket system developed for Oregon biologist Meg Eden's helicopter employs the dual side-looking concept used on fixed-wing aircraft.
    Key Words: conventional VHF telemetry, RA-2A, antennas, brackets, aircraft


  1. Microprocessors, Microcontrollers, Microcomputers
    While the computer revolution has generated its share of jargon, it is also producing a new generation of transmitters using microcomputers that offer much more sophisticated capabilities.
    Key Words: microprocessors, transmitters
  2. New Implantable Heart Rate Monitor
    With several years of experience, some new technology, and innovative approaches to packaging challenges, Telonics introduces an implantable heart rate monitor. It features an automatic gain control (AGC) circuit and default pulse rate that is initiated even if the animal is dead to facilitate retrieval.
    Key Words: conventional VHF telemetry, heart rate sensors, implantable
  3. Duty Cycling of Satellite Transmitters
    Duty cycling of satellite transmitters affects operational life, data collection costs, data collection intensity, the success of transmissions, and the probability of locating the satellite transmitter in the future.
    Key Words: transmitters, ARGOS, duty cycling
  4. You Want it When?
    Telonics makes a wide variety of highly specialized products. The commercial availability of some components affects everything from pricing and on-time delivery to basic design.
    Key Words: customer service
  5. Antennas Can Double as Lightning Rods!
    Many of today's antennas are fully capable of doubling as lightning rods. Antennas using capacitive matching networks are the most dangerous.
    Key Words: antennas


  1. View From the Basement
    Developing new telemetry products at Telonics has always been a joint effort with our partners in the research community. The latest result is the new TR-4 miniaturized telemetry receiver.
    Key Words: TR-4, receivers
  2. The Phenomena of Signal Bound and Phase Cancellation
    Signal bounce and phase cancellation are two phenomena that can significantly influence radio wave propagation in the field.
    Key Words: conventional VHF telemetry, antennas, receivers, signal bounce, multi-path
  3. The "F" Word--What if it Fails?
    While Telonics products enjoy the highest reliability in the industry, typically in the high 90 percent range, equipment can sometimes fail. Failure analysis is often a cooperative effort to get to the heart of the problem and provide a reliable fix.
    Key Words: customer service, equipment analysis
  4. Directional and Omni-Directional Antennas
    Antennas are either directional or omni-directional. They are bi-directional and can be used for both transmitting and receiving. Basic antenna types have specific applications in telemetry.
    Key Words: conventional VHF telemetry, antennas, directional, omni-directional


  1. Down Under
    Stan Tomkiewicz and Bill Burger conduct a series of informal meetings and technical workshops with biologists across Australia.
    Key Words: customer service, field support, workshops
  2. Polarization
    This article discusses the effect of antenna polarization on system range performance and examines ways to compensate in both hand-held and aircraft applications.
    Key Words: conventional VHF telemetry, antennas, performance, aircraft
  3. Remote Injection Technology
    Penny and Trevor Austin of PAXARMS describe changes that have been made in their remote injection system.
    Key words: capture technology, remote injection
  4. U.S.-Canada Trade Agreement
    The U.S. Canada Free Trade Agreement will eliminate tariffs and trade barriers between the two countries over the next 10 years.
    Key Words: international agreements
  5. Glossary of Terms
    A glossary of frequently used terms regarding transmitters and antennas.
    Key Words: transmitters, antennas


  1. Sometimes I Hear it and Sometimes I Don't...
    Operational range refers to how far away you can be from a transmitter and still receive an adequate signal. A number of environmental and technical factors affect system performance.
    Key Words: conventional VHF telemetry, transmitters, receivers, performance
  2. Asynchronous PTT or RF Module
    The Telonics ST-5 ARGOS-certified PTT consists of two components: the Radio Frequency (RF) transmitter module and the separate digital control section. The RF module can be purchased separately if you prefer to provide your own digital control logic, but you must certify the unit with Service ARGOS prior to deployment.
    Key Words: ST-5, ARGOS, PTTs, transmitters, RF module
  3. Selecting the right Antenna for ARGOS PTTs
    This article discusses factors which should be considered in selecting an omnidirectional antenna for ARGOS PTTs.
    Key Words: antennas, ARGOS, PTTs
  4. What is an Intervalometer?
    The Telonics TIC-2 Precision Intervalometer Camera Control System can be combined with a 35mm, Super 8 or video camera to control photographic sequencing.
    Key Words: TIC-2, intervalometer


  1. Data Acquisition Systems
    The development of laptop computers and more sophisticated microcontrollers opened the door to radio telemetry data acquisition systems. This is the second article in a two-part series.
    Key Words: conventional VHF telemetry, data acquisition, microprocessors, receivers
  2. New Test Receivers Now Available
    The TVR-1 (VHF) and TSTR-4 (ARGOS PTT) test receivers are designed to provide lab or field scientists with an inexpensive way to conduct simple tests for transmitter reception.
    Key Words: conventional VHF telemetry, ARGOS, transmitters, testing, TVR-1, TSTR-4, receivers
  3. Telonics Canada
    Telonics Canada, owned and operated by Dr. Vince Crichton, offers Canadian researchers a local source for our VHF telemetry equipment.
    Key Words: VHF, customer service
  4. Things You Often Ask About...
    Answers to eight commonly-asked questions.
    Key Words: customer service


  1. Data Acquisition
    This article is the first in a two-part series describing the historical development of data acquisition systems.
    Key Words: conventional VHF telemetry, data acquisition
  2. Telonics Interactive Programming System
    The Telonics Interactive Programming System (TIPS) consists of special hardware and software interfaces that allow researchers to modify previously programmed PTTs. The interfaces run on IBM-compatible PCs.
    Key Words: TIPS, PTTs, ARGOS
  3. Transmitter Attachment Collars
    Transmitter attachment collars are handmade to researcher specifications (i.e. collar material, thickness, width, and adjustment range). The goal is to provide collars that have minimal influence on the animal, that securely support the transmitter package and antenna, and that can easily be attached in the field.
    Key Words: conventional VHF telemetry, collars, attachments
  4. Wildlife Satellite Telemetry
    Wildlife satellite tracking now accounts for 10-15 percent of total ARGOS utilization. Pilot studies on terrestrial species have expanded and experimental units have been developed for avian species.
    Key Words: ARGOS, wildlife
  5. Helicopter Mounting Brackets
    The THB-1 helicopter mounting bracket attaches to either skid, securing the RA-2A antenna in a forward-looking position.
    Key Words: conventional VHF telemetry, RA-2A, antennas, aircraft, THB-1, brackets


  1. Technical Notes on Receivers
    This article offers a practical explanation of VHF receiving systems and their purpose--to recover, selectively amplify and convert radio signals to an audio range.
    Key Words: conventional VHF telemetry, receivers, performance
  2. What Happened to Cat #12?
    David Maehr, a wildlife biologist with the Florida State Game and Fish Commission, explains how a Telonics equipment analysis helped reconstruct events in the lives of two panthers.
    Key Words: conventional VHF telemetry, customer service, field support, equipment analysis
  3. Transmitter Batteries
    Selecting the right transmitter batteries is based on rigorous physical and electrochemical criteria. Table specifying several transmitter and battery combinations included.
    Key Words: batteries, transmitters, performance
  4. Innovations in Collar Assembly
    New equipment, materials and assembly techniques are enhancing the quality and biological compatibility of Telonics collars.
    Key Words: conventional VHF telemetry, collars, performance
  5. Lab Notes
    More tips and suggestions for the field.
    Key Words: conventional VHF telemetry, customer service, field support


  1. Software, Software, Everywhere!
    Software engineers at Telonics write dozens of programs for each generation of equipment and then customize them to meet specific field requirements.
    Key Words: software, customer service, field support
  2. More on the TR-2 Receiver
    Two new options are now available for the TR-2 Receiver. The TR-2-A is an external power modification; the RP-1-B hatchback battery pack allows the receiver to be used with either conventional alkaline or NiCad cells.
    Key words: conventional VHF telemetry, TR-2, receivers, TR-2-A, RP-1-B
  3. Antennas, Collars and Sealants
    Helpful hints about antennas, collars and sealants.
    Key Words: conventional VHF telemetry, antennas, collars, performance
  4. Avian PTTs
    Second-generation avian PTTs, using both solar power and lithium battery configurations, are currently being tested in several studies.
    Key Words: ARGOS, PTTs, wildlife, avian
  5. Collar a Snake
    The smallest transmitters that Telonics makes--the CHP series--are designed to provide consistent performance over the operational temperature range defined by the batteries (approximately 4-21 C). They have been deployed as implants, backpacks, leg mounts and collars.
    Key Words: conventional VHF telemetry, CHP, transmitters, wildlife
  6. Satellite PTTs
    PTT transmissions include both an ID code that identifies the specific transmitter and a location. In addition, commonly used software includes a wide variety of additional data.
    Key Words: ARGOS, PTTs, performance, software
  7. VHF Transmitters
    This article explains the relationships between operational life and pulse width and period, and shows you how to calculate duty cycle and operating life for VHF transmitters.
    Key Words: conventional VHF telemetry, transmitters, duty cycling, operational life, performance


  1. To GSA or Not to GSA
    Service. Since 1988, Telonics has elected not to be on GSA contract. Nonparticipation does not preclude government agencies from purchasing equipment from Telonics or any other vendor as GSA contracts are nonmandatory.
    Key Words: customer service, GSA
  2. Biological Notes
    Temperature-sensing VHF transmitters are used in many applications requiring different placements of the transmitter.
    Key Words: conventional VHF telemetry, transmitters, sensors, performance
  3. Building a Smaller Transmitter
    The ideal transmitting subsystem weighs nothing, occupies no volume, operates forever, has infinite range and is able to transmit biologically meaningful data. Hybrid circuit technology almost makes it possible.
    Key Words: conventional VHF telemetry, transmitters, performance
  4. A Personal Perspective
    Barbara Allen has seen Telonics grow from a company of four people working out of Dave Beaty's home to a 22,000-square-foot laboratory employing 65 people. One thing that hasn't changed is the philosophy.
    Key Words: customer service
  5. Advanced Digital Data Processor
    The TDP-2 Digital Data Processor operates as part of a data acquisition device for both portable and fixed-site operation.
    Key Words: conventional VHF telemetry, TDP-2, processors


  1. Biological Notes
    Expandable and breakaway collars can be customized with special release devices. Electronic timers or radio signal triggers are discussed.
    Key Words: collars, expandable, breakaway
  2. Not Everything Can Be Found in a Catalog
    Telonics offers a number of specialized capabilities to support the field. They include extensive software expertise, metal and plastics laboratories, a CAD studio and an antenna design and testing facility.
    Key Words: customer service, field support, facilities
  3. On the Fine Art of Technical Specifications
    This article offers practical suggestions on how to make sure you get the equipment you want. At Telonics, technical specifications define equipment based on performance characteristics and measurable parameters in a fashion consistent with good engineering practices, and the military and aerospace communities.
    Key Words: customer service, field support, technical specifications
  4. Attach an Airplane to Your Antenna
    Five models of brackets are now available to secure the RA-2A antenna to various models of strutted, fixed-wing aircraft. Receiving subsystems are also being installed in conjunction with specialized aircraft intercoms.
    Key Words: conventional VHF telemetry, RA-2A, antennas, aircraft, brackets, intercoms
  5. Satellite Update
    The new ST-5 ARGOS PTT is the most technologically advanced satellite PTT available to the oceanographic and meteorological fields.
    Key Words: ARGOS, PTTs, oceanographic, meteorological
  6. New D-Band Earth Station
    The new Telonics THRPT-1 earth station receives and processes DCLS data from NOAA-9, NOAA-10 and NOAA-11 satellites. It has been installed at LSU Coastal Studies Institute in Baton Rouge, as well as sites in Arizona, Texas, California, Taiwan, the Antarctic, Alaska and Korea.
    Key Words: earth stations, THRPT-1, ARGOS, space systems
  7. Can I Reuse Those Old Radio Collars?
    Telonics encourages researchers to return transmitters to the laboratory for refurbishing and retrofitting. These options can extend the life of the equipment by reworking transmitters to original specifications or adapting units to new specifications.
    Key Words: conventional VHF telemetry, transmitters, refurbishments, retrofitting, field support


  1. Which Way Did He Go
    Incorporating special sensors into the transmitter allows you to monitor changes in animal activity through changes in pulse rates.
    Key Words: conventional VHF telemetry, transmitters, sensors
  2. Field Notes on Receivers
    If you have experienced reduced sensitivity while using your TR-2 receiver, it may be the result of damage from static electricity.
    Key Words: conventional VHF telemetry, TR-2, receivers, performance
  3. Why it Works
    Receiving antennas may be omnidirectional or may involve an array of elements to make the signal stronger in one direction.
    Key Words: conventional VHF telemetry, antennas, performance
  4. Lab Notes on Transmitters
    Proper storage and exercise will ensure that your transmitting subsystem is always ready for use.
    Key Words: transmitters, preventive maintenance
  5. View From the Basement
    Telonics is committed to keeping you abreast of advances in telemetry-- letting you know when new technology is ready to benefit the field and when it's not.
    Key Words: customer service, field support
  6. Rules and Regulations
    Equipment using lithium batteries require additional shipping time and special handling.
    Key Words: batteries, lithium
  7. Satellite Update
    Telonics introduces new uplink receiver to test and calibrate ARGOS PTTs.
    Key Words: ARGOS, PTTs, uplink receivers