Disposal of Old Transmitters

Disposal rules vary between states and municipalities. Check with your local contacts regarding disposal. Typically, it is the lithium battery in the units that may dictate special disposal. If the battery is discharged there should be no lithium left and in most cases no special disposal is required.

If you find you cannot dispose of old transmitters we will try to help, however; Telonics will only dispose of Telonics transmitters. If you pursue this alternative, please send a letter listing the units by serial number (CTN) and a statement that indicates you are the person authorized to dispose of the unit(s) for your agency and further that you authorize us to destroy the unit(s). Also, prior to shipment we require a purchase order or Visa or MasterCard card number to charge for the disposal. You will need to pay to ship the units to us. The fee for disposal is $100/shipment (per group of collars sent to us), plus a $25 fee for each individual transmitter (e.g. if 20 old transmitters were sent, the cost would be $600 ($100 + 20($25)).